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Theofanis "Fanis" Tsoulouhas

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Research Interests 


Performance Pay

Tournaments and Contests

Organizational Structure and Agent Behavior

Information Gathering/Transmission

Financial and Labor Contracts: One-sided Commitment and Optimality of Debt Contracts

Demography and Technology: Boserup vs Malthus

Other Selective Publications

Courses Taught 

    University of California, Merced, 2012 to current
    MGMT 165: Corporate Finance
    MGMT 180: Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

    North Carolina State University, 1993-2012
    ECG 790: Ph.D. Corporate Finance
    ECG 702: Ph.D. Economic Theory
    EC 301: Intermediate Microeconomics
    EC 201: Principles of Microeconomics

    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1987-1993
    EC 273: Intermediate Econometrics
    EC 173: Introductory Econometrics
    EC 172: Economics and Business Statistics

Past NCSU IO/Micro Workshops I Co-Organized

My Ellada: My Blog on the Financial Crisis in Greece

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